Dedicated to the supply of high quality coding and marking solutions, icodersolutions supplies cost effective printers Continuous Ink Jet, Thermal Ink Jet and Thermal Transfer Over Printers and Consumables to help you to reduce the cost of coding without compromise on quality, performance or downtime to keep your production moving.  We achieve this with careful selection of partners who design and manufacture printers for long-term reliable operation and independent testing to ensure they meet our exacting standards to keep the cost of coding to a minimum.   We work with companies who have the same ethos for product quality,  service supply and on-time delivery at economical prices which we are able to pass on to our customers.

icodersolutions partners for coding and marking print solutions

Bestcode - Continuous Ink Jet - Printers - CIJ

Sojet -Thermal Ink Jet Printers  - TIJ

Savema - Thermal Transfer Over Printers - TTO

Kroy - Thermal  Transfer Label Printers - TTP

These coding and marking solutions are typically used in a wide range of sectors:

Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Chemicals, Cable & Wire , Extrusion,  Cosmetics, Beverage, Electronics, Construction, Confectionary, Bakery, Cereals, Snacks, Packaging, Printing, Security and Automotive sectors.

Printing a consumer, product and regulatory information typically:

Lot Codes, Date and Time, Sell by and Best Before Dates, Product Information, Batch and Production data, Traceability Codes, Product Specifications and Branding, Sequential numbers, Counters, Barcodes (EAN, ITF14, INT25, code 128, code 39, UPCA, UPCE)  2D Codes (PDF415, DataMatrix, QR), general text, ingredient's and nutritional information and Expiry dates.

Consumables and service parts are  critical to managing the cost of coding,  the total life-time cost of ownership for a printer is dependent on a number of factors.  The capital investment to buy the printer, consumables for everyday printing, supplier periodic servicing  and internal staff maintenance costs to keep the printer running and then potential cost impact of production line downtime if a line is stopped due to a printer problem.    Typically the biggest cost of coding is the on-going cost for consumables and service.  It is therefore important to fully understand these costs before purchasing a printer and to make careful comparison between the printer models you are considering from different suppliers. 

This comparison can also be made between the different technologies you may be considering - CIJ, Laser, TIJ and TTO.  When selecting a coder each technology has pros and cons for the long-term cost of product coding and reliable operation for a given product and production environment, as these are also important when selecting a printer for reliable fit and forget operation.

CIJ is non contact coding , the inks will adhere to almost any substrate with on going consumables of inks and solvent (make-up) combined with regular maintenance, to maintain the optimum print performance a service one or more times per year is required.

Laser also non contact coding has minimum maintenance requirements,  the laser tube has a finite life and the tube will need replacing, the life of the tube depend on your print rate and the power (laser energy) needed to code the substrate, typically an extractor is needed to remove toxic fumes and particulates given off when the substrate is coded, the filters in the extractor will need replacing regularly to maintain the fume extraction.

TIJ also non contact coding typically printing using HP ink cartridges, is a very simple high resolution coder which requires no service and minimal maintenance, the cost of the cartridges can be high if printing large and long messages, but for simple date coding applications provides a very cost effective coding and marking solution.

TTO  is a contact coder using a thermal printhead to transfer the ink from a wax/resin coated ribbon to the substrate, typically on to flexible films for high quality print, the on going consumable cost is for ribbons and the periodic thermal print head replacement.

Contact us for more information about the real cost of coding and how icodersolutions can help to reduce your coding cost, we offer competitively priced coding and marking solutions and are able to offer a fully compatible range of inks for all coding and marking printers, manufactured and tested to the most exacting standard, our manufacturing facility operates to the ISO 90001 standard and we have a rigorous environmental policy to minimise waste and reduce emissions.