icoder X200 Thermal Ink Jet TIJPrinter

Buy with confidence, our peace of mind 2 year warranty covering the printer and print head gives you the assurance needed to make the change.  Reduce your cost of coding, move to hi-res print, eliminate the mess and solvent used in CIJ coding, with the zero periodic maintenance icoder X200 TIJ printer.

Put us to the test! Send a sample today for us to print  and see how easy it is to move to clean Hi-Res TIJ coding to cut your coding costs!

The ready to install X200 comes with all the parts needed to complete installation and a range of inks to give you the best coding solution.

 Key Features and Benefits

  • 7" Touch screen print controller for easy operation
  • Original HP Print Cartridge for high quality print on to porous and non-porous substrates using icoder PolyCode inks
  • Multi-line print up to 12 lines of 1mm micro print per print head or mixed combination up to the maximum print height
  • 25.4mm print height using twin stitched heads for large character print for outer case coding
  • Zero periodic maintenance, giving very low total cost per code
  • Free text placement and character height up to maximum print heights 12.7 or 25.4mm with optional twin heads
  • Up to 60m/minute to match most line speeds at 300DPI
  • Real time  anddate formats, automatic offset, counters, custom date and time formats, production shift and remote field population from database
  • Barcodes, 2D codes and Logo
  • Quick and simple mess free change over of printhead with minimum down time
  • HP Print cartridge with integrated printhead assures optimum print performance at every change
  • LAN and USB interface for remote control and back-up
  • For full specification see the  X200 Data Sheet

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 icoder X200 Thermal Ink Jet Coder

The icoder X200 TIJ printer offers an ideal solution to move from messy low resolution Drop On Demand (DOD), Roller Coders or expensive to operate and service continuous inkjet printers (CIJ)  to a high quality, high resolution icoder X200 Thermal Ink Jet Printer (TIJ) using the latest original HP ink cartridges for reliable print onto primary and secondary packaging.  A compact, low cost  solution for Lot Codes, Date and Time, Sell by and Best Before and Use-By Dates, Product Information, Batch and Production data, Traceability Codes, Specifications, Branding, Sequential numbers, Expiry dates, barcodes, logo and free text to meet your coding needs.  Simple to use and connect PC software included with the icoder X200 makes complex messages easy to manage and to easily back up or move to other  icoder X200 printers for security of code.

The interface is password protected so interfering fingers cannot change/edit the message and possibly disrupt production.

The icoder thermal ink jet inks makes TIJ coding a realistic option for virtually all substrates from simple water based inks for outer case coding to icoder PolyCode inks with a complex formulation of polymers and resins to give excellent adhesion on difficult to mark plastics using a solvent carrier to achieve sub-second drying time to ensure the code is dry before handling or the next stage in the production process.

The ready to install X200 comes with everything needed to start coding out of the box,


  • Printer controller with 7inch touch screen for easy message creation and editing
  • Printhead and mount
  • Multi range power supply - Input 100v to 240v.  Output 30v 3amp - Localised Power cable
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • Internal and External Photo sensor
  • HP Print cartridge to suit your substrate
  • 3 - Stage Alarm Beacon
  • PC software for remote control and backup via USB or LAN

Optional items:

  • Second print head for large 25.4mm character print,  high density print with 20 plus lines of text
  • Shaft encoder with sprung mounting bracket
  • Installation and training on site - 6 hours

The X200 eliminates the cost of CIJ maintenance and downtime, a maintenance free printer where minor print problems are quickly and simply resolved and if required a simple HP original print cartridge change, which replaces the print head and replenishes the ink, quick, simple and no fuss!  No delays or expensive call out charges, no need to sign up for service contract and no spare printer running in the workshop just in case.

Coding and Marking solution for:

Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Pharma, Chemicals, Cable & Wire , Extrusion,  Cosmetics, Beverage, Electronics, Construction, Confectionary, Bakery, Cereals, Snacks, Packaging and Automotive.


Lot Codes, Date and Time, Sell by and Best Before Dates, Product Information, Batch codes and Production data, Traceability Codes, Product Specifications and Branding, Sequential numbers, Counters, Barcodes (EAN, ITF14, INT25, code 128, code 39, UPCA, UPCE)  2D Codes (PDF415, DataMatrix, QR), general text, Expiry dates and anti-counterfeiting UV print.